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General assembly 2014

 On Saturday, March 29th, 2014 will be held the general assembly of the association NOA. It will be the opportunity to review this year of 2013 to Arras and to Notsé.

After the word of welcome of president Bernard Laurent, Elisabeth made a fast presentation of Togo, as well as the history of the creation of the association NOA continuation to the first one travels in 2011.




Lucien called back then the rules of the association and the expectations of the villagers of the region of Notsé.


Then Jacques commented on the events relative to both journeys of January and November, 2013, with the obtained advances, in particular on the creation of the cooperative NOA, and on the contacts with the UAR-P pulling an imminent membership.


Jean-François presented the numerous actions carried out in France during all this year.

Finally Richard commented on the accounts by insisting on the positive evolution of the result of this exercise 2013.

Bernard went back on the word to end on the projects to come, that is the technical follow-up of the coop NOA by the UAR-P, and the various demands of subsidy made from which we wait for the answers.

The Board of directors was renewed in the third and welcomed Guillaume unanimously.






This assembly ended in a glass of friendship and doughnuts concocted by Elisabeth. A delight in the opinion of the participants!



You can find the balance sheet of the activities 2013 by clicking the link this below.

Annual report 2013