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Inauguration of the drilling to Tsikpé!

 Hello dear partners.

Allow I to be made a briefing of the ceremony of provisional acceptance of the drilling of Tsikpe.

Indeed, it's totally unheard of in the village of Tsikpe this June 29th, 2017. All the population went out to express their enjoyment and their gratitude for the masterpiece. The leader of the village felt very honored by the presence of the local authorities: prefect, president of council, director of the hydraulics, icat, guiding of the agriculture ....

The president of the local cooperative in told the route until the realization of the work.

A woman made a testimony moving on the precarious events of search for water of part the past without forgetting her enjoyment to have it just at hand. All the participants emphasized the good management.

In brief, it was an unforgettable day and this thanks to you NOA.
A sincere thank you sent to you by each party: beneficiaries, local authorities, coop noa, Togolese government...

Thank you again to have saved a whole village and their future generations.

With all my gratitude